Given the growing incidence of hypertension at a time that almost every state is pushing liberalization of laws on cannabis, folks would like to find out: how does cannabis affect blood pressure? Can CBD lower blood pressure? Depending on who you consult or what research you read, the answers may vary.

In the U.S., one in three adults has hypertension, which is characterized by high blood pressure. It may result in heart disease, which is marked by a high likelihood of stroke, cardiac arrest, and possibly heart failure. Many factors including stress, poor diet, lack of exercise, tobacco and liquor use increases a person’s chances of getting hypertension.

The effects of cannabis on blood pressure has been properly chronicled. Nevertheless, research studies detailing other effects, particularly long-term negative or favorable ones, are limited, and typically beleaguered by poor research design or the simple fact that results from studies involving animal subjects do not always appropriately pass on to human subjects.

CBD and Blood Pressure

In order to find out how CBD would affect an individual’s blood pressure, Dr. Khalid Jadoon and associates carried out a research involving 9 healthy volunteers. Each was provided with either a placebo or 600 mg of CBD and were tracked afterward. Researchers found that although CBD brought about a +10 beats per minute rise in heart rate (HR) , it likewise demonstrated a -6mm HG reduction in systolic blood pressure (BP). The study concluded that although CBD increases one’s heart rate, the compound likewise reduces blood pressure at once.

A study involving over 12,000 adults who were surveyed on health and nutrition discovered that when compared with non-users,  users of cannabis had higher systolic blood pressure.  The researchers observed that for cannabis users who take it on a daily basis, the rise in systolic blood pressure was a moderate 3 mm Hg. This can be hard to distinguish in clinical practice.

Cannabis offers a natural, harmless solution for individuals dealing with their blood pressure and stress. It may not cure the disease, but it still helps manage its symptoms.

A recent study showed that a single dosage of CBD in patients with normal blood pressure lowered their blood pressure. No clinical research studies have been published yet on whether CBD minimizes blood pressure in patients with high blood pressure. Nevertheless, anecdotally, several patients mention that their high blood pressure is reduced when they use CBD on a regular basis.

One way CBD could function is as a vasodilator, uncovering the arteries and blood vessels enabling greater blood to circulate with less pressure. That’s precisely the reaction required to lower hypertension and reduce blood pressure!

In case you have talked to your doctor and determine to find if cannabis can reduce your blood pressure, it’s crucial to examine the various strains (their cannabinoid and terpene content).