You are probably considering taking cannabidiol (CBD), but worried about consuming too much and possibly putting on weight. The truth is that CBD oil can be valuable as far as weight management is concerned.

One study by researchers at the University of Nebraska College of Medicine in Omaha, NE, and published in 2013 by the American Journal of Medicine discovered that the use of marijuana (or cannabis) was linked with smaller waist circumference.

That research included 4,657 adult individuals who admitted to taking marijuana at present or previously, and it really matters considering that marijuana has CBD. Nevertheless, many experts have only observed weight management benefits in CBD patients as a side effect while addressing other health issues.

How does CBD affect metabolism?

A study suggests that CBD has a direct impact on our metabolism. In 2016, Korean researchers published study on the topic in the scientific journal Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry. After closely monitoring CBD and its impacts on immature fat cells, also known as preadipocytes, they discovered that the cannabinoid has three ways of effecting “fat browning”.

Researchers found that CBD induces the proteins and genes which contribute in increasing the breakdown of fat. They found that CBD is able to increase the quantity and activity of mitochondria, enhancing the body’s potential to burn calories. Surprisingly enough, they discovered that CBD minimizes the expression of proteins associated with producing new fat cells within the body too.

The researchers acknowledged that CBD has the potential to stimulate “fat browning”, or simply put, convert white fat into brown fat.


The differences between CBD and THC have just recently become obvious. With legalization, there are a growing number of studis that reveal encouraging outcomes for cannabis overall, and particularly CBD.

A 2016 research finding that CBD may induce fat browning was a substantial breakthrough. Researches have also found that marijuana also helps to deal with insulin resistance which is common in obese individuals.

Although anecdotal reports state that several people have experienced a reduction in their urge for food after consuming CBD, only an animal-based study in 2012 has verified this.

Researchers all concur that more more studies are required since there are unfamiliar elements like the impact that CBD has on hormones, however, for now, quite a handful of side effects have been discovered.

Medical professionals concur that it is really harmless. So safe, that even kids are prescribed CBD.

Is There a Right Dose?

The appropriate CBD dosage varies for every individual. Our bodies are not the same – some people need less CBD, while others need more.

There are several steps which can aid you to determine the appropriate dosage. To start with, you must speak to a doctor. Also, you must begin with a little dosage of CBD to find out if it does work. Keep it this way for some time, and in case you observe no effect, increase it.