CBD, or cannabidiol, oil has quite a rising evidence to support its potential in reducing symptoms related to several of the most serious health problems including cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, and even cancer. It is likewise been commonly utilized to minimize anxiety and pain in several users.

Besides taking CBD as a way of alleviating or even helping prevent particular medical conditions, this cannabinoid is likewise being examined as a way to boost athletic performance by several of the leading athletes around the world.

A lot of these athletes now rely on CBD to better recuperate from their workout routines, relieve the pain of exercise, and enable competition free from anxiety.

Does CBD really work?

The following athletes have surfaced to promote the health benefits of CBD oil, thus taking this cannabis compound to the limelight and destroying hurdles.

Eugene Monroe

The first active football player in NFL to admit using CBD to improve his health and wellness was no other than Monroe. The NFL player is an active advocate of the “The Bright Lights Campaign,” which supports ongoing research into CBD’s health benefits and how it may possibly be an effective addition to a football player’s regimen.

The objective of the Campaign is to ensure that wider clinical trials on CBD oils can be carried out, and those professional athletes would not be penalized for utilizing cannabis-related chemicals such as CBD.

Derrick Morgan

Morgan is a ninth-year linebacker for the Tennessee Titans and relied on CBD to safeguard his brain against CTE.

He was encouraged by Monroe, who has been advocating more studies to be carried out on CBD’s neuroprotective properties.

Avery Collins

Collins is a passionate CBD who integrates plant-based remedies into his workouts and recuperation routine.

Gina Mazany

Mazany, a mixed martial artist (MMA),  was the first UFC member to try CBD after the World Doping Agency relaxed the prohibition of this compound.

According to her, she takes it prior to competing in her fights to relieve her anxiety . Since then, another MMA fighter Nate Diaz mentioned he keeps himself pain-free after enduring physical traumas by taking CBD.

Chris Camozzi

UFC professional Chris Camozzi strongly believes CBD has helped keep his sporting career and workout regimen successful throughout the years. The 31-year-old kickboxer and mixed martial artist began using hemp-derived CBD oil supplements after a serious knee injury and ever since has made the products a component of his normal training regimen.

In a Reddit post, he said that CBD has improved his life, and it has transformed the lives of others around him as well.

Camozzi has stated he has a much better general feeling of health and wellness, after he began using CBD supplements.

Athletes have numerous possibilities when opting for CBD products. Several select salves and creams for joints and sore muscles. A few take capsules or tinctures when soreness is more prevalent through the body. There are even CBD-infused drink blends to ensure that athletes can hydrate and deal with inflammation while on the move.